The Nova Scotia Homeless Pet Project has been promoting pet adoption and responsible pet ownership since 2008!

We would like to thank you and your kind heart for thinking of adopting a homeless pet!

If you wish to adopt, foster, volunteer or donate, please contact the listing rescues directly.

Are you looking to adopt?   The great news is that here in Nova Scotia, you have a lot of options to choose from:

  • Rescue Groups
  • Breed Rescues
  • Cat Rescues
  • The Nova Scotia SPCA, and
  • Other Options, such as your animal clinic or animal control.

Oh No!    Where did all the dogs go?   What happened to the Somebody to Love galleries?      The short version is that most people like to adopt from a group or shelter closest to them … so all the pet listings, or links to them,  are now included in the pages for Rescue Groups, Breed Rescues, Cat Rescues, SPCANS and Other Options.



Are you looking for a meaningful way to help homeless animals?   Why not think about fostering a pet?     Reputable rescues and shelters pay for the food and vet bills … so all you have to do is add the love!

Adopting a homeless pet is an excellent way to teach children the core value of compassion!

Have Fun AND Help the Animals

Nobody puts the fun in fundraisers like animal rescuers!

ongoing – the famous His ‘n’ Purrs 2015 Calendar is now available!

Oct 18:   A Trick for a Treat Halloween Photos

Oct 19:   Tails on the Rails for The Animal Rescue Coalitons

Oct 23 – 24 :   Haunted House Ghost Tour

Oct 26:   CAPS Paws and Pumpkins Annual Open House

 Nov 8:  Make it Merry for Lab Rescue Nova Scotia

Nov 8:   Xmas Meow Movers

A Simple Way to Help Community Cats Survive our Nova Scotia weather

thanks Cynthia Young for all your great advice !


It’s that time of year again, please consider making a shelter or two for a homeless/stray or feral kitty to help them stay warm, dry and able to survive this winter!

If anyone wants to make an outdoor cat shelter, suitable tubs are always on sale at Walmart. It’s made from two rote totes the outside one is a Rubbermaid 29 Gal/109.8 Litre one for roughly $10 and the inside second one is a Sterilite 58 Quart/55 L one for roughly $6. The bottom label tub fits inside the top label tub. For a cost of roughly $16 total to can make a outdoor shelter that can save a homeless cat’s life this winter.

Or if you would like to donate the tubs or even money to buy them,  please contact Spay Day NS or your local cat rescue who can make the shelters & place them with communities of needy cats.

Helpful Hints:

  • 1″ inch rigid insulation/Styrofoam fits nicely in between the two tubs.
  • Also that people might want to put a the shelters on a few pieces of wood to keep it off the ground and to bungee cord the wood and shelter together, that will keep it from moving during heavier winds and will also keep the lid from flying off.
  • Also around mine as an extra precaution I put a 4×6 tarp around the whole thing with the bungee cord. Have one shelter that is made from that and is going on 7 1/2 strong with no issues and is used semi annually heavy and sporadic the rest of the time
  • One other add on that people can do to help is to take plastic and tape it over the door way to keep rain, snow and wind down. Like this….
  • catflap
  • use “tuck tape” around the doorways to keep the two totes tight together and that way no rain snow or other can get in between them and it helps protect in cause of any rough edges so kitty wont get hurt.
  • please remember that in any outdoor cat shelter of any size to use straw (not hay either)not blankets, as straw resists mildew and mold, also it’s a natural insulator. Plus the cats can dig in and nest in it. Blankets can get wet, mildew and mold when the cats bring in wet from the outside, they don’t hold heat and will get cold and actually freeze in the winter.
  • catfeeder

Find your next best friend in a Nova Scotia Rescue or Shelter

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