The Nova Scotia Homeless Pet Project has been promoting pet adoption and responsible pet ownership since 2008!

We would like to thank you and your kind heart for thinking of adopting a homeless pet!

If you wish to adopt, foster, volunteer or donate, please contact the listing rescues directly.

Are you looking to adopt?   The great news is that here in Nova Scotia, you have a lot of options to choose from:

  • Rescue Groups
  • Breed Rescues
  • Cat Rescues
  • The Nova Scotia SPCA, and
  • Other Options, such as your animal clinic or animal control.

Oh No!    Where did all the dogs go?   What happened to the Somebody to Love galleries?      The short version is that most people like to adopt from a group or shelter closest to them … so all the pet listings, or links to them,  are now included in the pages for Rescue Groups, Breed Rescues, Cat Rescues, SPCANS and Other Options.



Are you looking for a meaningful way to help homeless animals?   Why not think about fostering a pet?     Reputable rescues and shelters pay for the food and vet bills … so all you have to do is add the love!

Adopting a homeless pet is an excellent way to teach children the core value of compassion!

Find your next best friend in a Nova Scotia Rescue or Shelter