NS14jace4 The Nova Scotia Homeless Pet Project would like to thank you and your kind heart for thinking about adopting a homeless pet.  Your compassion will actually save two lives, because of course after each pet is adopted the rescue or shelter will have room to save one more.
danjothankswidelarge The Nova Scotia Homeless Pet Project has been promoting pet adoption in this province since 2008.    This work would not have been possible without the generous web hosting provided by Danjo Creations..
20-cute-dogs-with-glasses-010a. When your compassion moves you to adopt a pet from a reputable rescue, you will be well rewarded.   Your new best fried will already be spayed or neutered.   There will be no hidden health or behavior surprises.  Best of all is the confidence that every effort has been made to match you with a real kindred spirit!CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE

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