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At the risk of stating the obvious … the best way to prevent pets from becoming homeless is to keep them with their families.   How can we do that?

It is possible to find ways to ‘bridge the gap’ so that you can keep your best friend in times of crisis …. such as:

  • Medical Reasons …. such as orthopedic surgeries, rehabilitation, cancer treatments, bone marrow transplants, infections, psychiatric, alcohol and drug treatment, emergency hospitalization, health crisis in seniors

  • Home Displacement: emergency evacuations: flood, hurricane, tornado, collapsed roof, fire, foreclosures, evictions, temporary homelessness

  • Family/Personal: emergency travel to assist family, domestic violence, jail, divorce

Getting by with a little help from your friends ( or family):

Are you still in your own home?  Odds are that you could manage if you had someone ( or a few somebodies ) who could come in and help you:

  • feed your pet
  • walk your dog
  • change the litter box
  • shop for pet food
  • take your best friend to the vet or the groomers when needed

Do you have to leave your home temporarily?

  • can you arrange for a pet sitter?
  • can a friend or family member foster your pet?   Note that there is a Foster Care Agreement in this section that is a great communication tool for this.
  • would having a Cat Playpen make your cat a more welcome visitor in a home that already has a cat?
  • Can you find a temporary foster through a social networking site?  

Are you losing your home?

  • If you can find a temporary foster, make sure that you both sign a Foster Care Agreement
  • It is possible to Find Pet Friendly Housing  to rent

New parents will find it easier to settle into a new routine with their baby if friends and family can help with their pets.  Everyone knits but noone thinks to come walk the dog and pet the cat.

Why go to all this trouble? 

  • You and your family get to  keep the pets that you  love … and your pets keep the family they love too
  • Pets stay happy, housetrained, and social.
  • Senior pets & the less adoptable pets keep their owners.
  • Fewer animals are killed in shelters.
  • you will help to save shelter “spaces”for others in need.
  • You are also helping to  save the new adopters for other dogs and cats in need without owners.
  • And of course, you’ll be saving lives because should YOU ever want to adopt a pet in the future, you’ll be able to pass the screening because you won’t have surrendered your family pet to a shelter

Are you a woman at risk from violence from your partner?  Ask your local women’s shelter if there are emergency pet fosters available if you need to leave your home.  For obvious reasons, you may not wish to ask family or friends to temporarily foster your pets in an emergency … but that doesn’t mean that help might not be available.

Are you thinking of helping out a friend or family member by temporarily fostering their pet(s) ?      If you have never fostered and do not know anyone who has, ask your local shelter or rescue group for helpful hints!

Links to Helpful Resources:

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