Pet Care Resources

Congratulations!  You have a new pet!  Just like a Do It Yourself Kit … everything is there for success:)  Please feel free to browse the links below to find out how to care for your new friend:


Best Friends – ABC’s of Dog Life

Ian Dunbar has great free downloads at  Dog Star Daily

CFHS | Dog Care Library

Petfinder Dog Articles

Resources for a dog friendly Halifax! – a fabulous resource for anyone in Nova Scotia!

Free Dog and Puppy Training Videos and Information – a great resource done by the NS Dog trainers who invented the Clicker Leash!

When Love is not all you need.   K-9 Orthotics & Prosthetics is a great Nova Scotia Company that helps special needs and aging pets live better quality lives


Best Friends  Cat Library

CFHS | Cat Care Library

Petfinder’s Cat Library


Best Friends  Bunny Library

CFHS | Rabbits

Small and Furry

Best Friends’ Caring for your Chinchilla

Best Friends’ Caring for your Guinea Pig

CFHS | Guinea Pig Care

Best Friends’ Caring for your Hamster

CFHS | Hamster care

Best Friends’ Caring for your Hedgehog

Best Friends’ Caring for your Rat

CFHS | Pet Mice and Rats

Best Friends Caring for your Sugar Gliders

CFHS | Gerbil Care

Reptiles and Amphibians

Ssafe Haven Society for Reptiles and Amphibians … an incredible resource right here in Nova Scotia

Best Friends ABC’s of Turtle and Tortoise Feeding

American Tortoise Rescue

Turtle Homes Rescue



The Nova Scotia Aquarium Club

East Coast Aquarium Society

Tropical Fish, Aquarium Fish, Care for Saltwater and Freshwater Fish, Aquarium Setup


FerretVet: Health Care & Information a great resource by a Nova Scotia veterinarian!

Best Friends  Ferret Library

CFHS | Ferret Care


Best Friends  Bird Library

CFHS | Bird Care Library

Find your next best friend in a Nova Scotia Rescue or Shelter

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