Find the Right Fit

Adopting a Homeless Pet is not the same as making a purchase.  Before you fall in love with the cute face, take a good look at how you really like to live your life:

  • do you like to sleep in or are you an early bird
  • is your idea of exercise a walk around the block or an 8 km hike
  • how do you feel about walking when it is wet/cold/stormy
  • are you an immaculate housekeeper or do you go for the more lived in look
  • do you have small children
  • how much are you willing to pay for food and treats
  • have you checked out veterinary costs
  • are you able to do the grooming or will you need to budget for a groomer
  • are there already pets in your home
  • do you own your home or rent
  • do you spend much time at home
  • and very importantly:  if you have a partner or a spouse, how do they feel about pets?

Some changes are always necessary when a new pet comes into the family.   Taking stock of things can help keep perspective so that adopting a new friend is a positive and permanent thing.    There are so many homeless pets out there that there really is somebody out there for everyone.

Preapproved Adoptions.

  • Once you have decided what type of pet would best complement your family, why not let the experienced folks who do rescue help you in your search?
  • After all, it is a challenge to make these kind of choices based on nothing more than a picture and a paragraph.
  • The application process is normally the same, except of course that there is no immediate name at hand.
  • Most rescues do limit the time frame for approval, but with so many animals in need it is unlikely that time period will expire
  • Rescues often network with each other too.   They might find someone perfect that you were unaware of.
  • New pets come into rescue all the time and you could even be offered a chance to adopt before the rescue advertises.   This is especially important if you are looking for a girl or a puppy because it is sadly the big guys that seem to take the longest to find their Forever Homes

Find your next best friend in a Nova Scotia Rescue or Shelter

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