Iggy is a large, male English Bulldog and American Bulldog Mix. Iggy is available for adoption from the Antigonish SPCA. Please CLICK HERE for more information about Iggy.

Iggy is an 8 year old English/American Bulldog. Iggy weighs approximately 73 pounds. But don’t let him size or sour mug fool you. Iggy is a real charmer. He loves people and is very friendly and outgoing. He can be comical at times! His whole body shakes when he’s wagging his tale. Iggy has some food allergies which include chicken, turkey, shellfish and peanut butter!! He loves lamb and rice so no worries! Due to a hip operation in 2008, Iggy can only go for short walks each day. He does love his walks and is very good on the leash. He’s never lived with another dog or cat so he’d like to be your super star and be your only baby! Iggy’s adoption fee is $260.00.

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    • Thank you for thinking of adopting a homeless. This site promotes pet adoption and you need to contact the rescuer direrctly for more information. Please click on the link above to enquire.

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