Wish Lists for the Kitties

At some point, every rescue group has saved at least one cat, but there are some groups that are either focused on cats or who regularly rescue a fair number. Although money is of course always appreciated, there are a fair number of other items that they always need.Their wish lists are generally pretty similar:

  • kitty litter … usually the dry clumping kind
  • Bleach
  • cleaning supplies
  • paper towels
  • rubber gloves
  • blue and clear garbage bags
  • Revolution for flea control
  • Litter pans
  • Cat Carriers
  • Canadian Tire Money
  • Before donating food you should check, as some either need specialized food or may be fine for the moment.

For more specific information, please feel free to contact your local rescue group or shelter:

SPECIAL NOTE: Veterinary care is an essential part of rescue. If you want to help, donations to the rescue account at the animal clinic that provides their support is a very meaningful way to make a difference for them. Usually this information is listed on their site.

Special Note:     If there is one single common denominator for every rescue and shelter in this province, it is that fosters are a life saving game changer.   Anyone who really wants to make a difference for the kitties could gain a wealth of experience without breaking their wallet … because rescues provide the food and vet care … all fosters have to add is the love :)

It should be noted that anyone who wishes to share the ‘miracle of birth’ does not have to wait to get their own cat spayed so the kids can see a litter of kittens.    Trust me … rescues are ALWAYS looking for kind hearts willing to foster pregnant momcats until the kitties are born and weaned!     This is also a great way to engage children in being part of the solution, instead of adding to the problem of cat overpopulation!

Best of all … it is also a wonderful way to teach children about responsible pet ownership as all reputable rescues will spay the mom cat after her kittens are weaned :)

As my dear Dad used to say, when it comes to children more is ‘caught than taught’.  There is no better way to teach your children how to be responsible pet owners than to lead by example!

Find your next best friend in a Nova Scotia Rescue or Shelter

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