Feral Cat Shelters

The Nova Scotia Homeless Pet Project would like to thank Pierre Filiatreault
from  PACS for providing these beautiful pictures of the feral cat shelters he has built for his colonies at the HRM Dockyards.

Click Here for construction ideas from the experts at Alley Cat Allies.

Are you feeding stray / and or feral cats?

  • Providing shelter. is critical in the cold
  • You will need to change their water more frequently because it freezes in the colder temperatures
  • They will need extra food in the cold to stay warm
  • SPECIAL NOTE:  Even if you are not a caregiver, get in the habit of thumping your car hood before starting the engine.  Neighbourhood and stray cats often seek shelter under car hoods and can be badly injured in a fan belt.  Encourage your neighbours to do the same.

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Find your next best friend in a Nova Scotia Rescue or Shelter

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