Farah is a mid sized female adult Bull Terrier Mix who is available for adoption from Misfit Manor Dog Rescue Society.     Farah is house trained, spayed and up to date on her vaccinations.      For more information about adopting this beautiful girl, please CLICK HERE

Farah is a young Bull Terrier mix. She was born completely deaf and is learning hand signals in her foster home.

Farah is an active girl who is looking for a home that has a lot of one on one time to spend with her. Because she is deaf there will be a period where her new family will have to take the time to learn her signals and create the bond necessary for her to communicate properly with them.

Positive reinforcement classes would be recommended for her. For that reason Farah is looking for a home that has lots of dog experience and also a lot of time to dedicate to her special needs and exercise requirements.

Farah lives with dogs and cats at the moment. She can be boisterous at times and if she goes to a home with other pets they should be like minded who match her activity level. As much as she can be active she also loves some serious snuggle time.

Farah is crate trained and housetrained.

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