Copper is a small, adult male Basset Hound Mix who is available for adoption from the Kings SPCA.    Please CLICK HERE for more information about adopting this sweet little dog.

Copper is a super sweet little guy who loves to be with people. He is family friendly and loves other dogs! He is active, but also loves to snuggle.

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Kb Hillbilly



Kb Hillbilly is a large, adult, female Greyhound who is available for adoption from Greyhound Pets of Atlantic Canada.      For more information about adopting this lovely lady, please CLICK HERE

I am a couch potato. I am bright , I love people . I am a princess and have a loveable personality. I too would love to be spoiled by a lucky family. I am curious and loveable. I love to snuggle , i give hugs and kisses, I Like walks . I am very polite, listen very well. I like children, and I am cat safe.


Whiskey Jack



Whiskey Jack is a large, male, adult Saint Bernard Mix who is available for adoption from The Animal Rescue Coalitions.     Please CLICK HERE if you are interested in adopting this wonderful boy.

Well Hello there all you wonderful people! My name is Whiskey Jack and I know you have all been waiting for me. I am 2 ½ years old aprox and am a Saint Bernard Mix. I am up to date on my vaccines, neutered, and I weigh in at 120 pounds. I am currently looking for my forever home. When I came into rescue I had missing hair on my back and the ladies at ARC took me to the vet and figured out I had a flea allergy so I would have to be on flea meds year round. I also am on a good food, Salmon and Sweet potato, that I love and omegas on my food cause I am a big boy and it helps my joints for the future. I will also need to be professionally groomed at least 4 times a year, Plus daily brushing. My foster mom brushes me every day. I just want everyone to know I am not and bad boy. I know sit, down, give paw and I listen very well. I still am going to require obedience with my forever home as that helps us bond together and helps me learn to listen to my forever family (You should research and have the names of trainers ready when you get approved for me). I will not be going with kids because of my size. I am big and sometimes don’t realize that, so I worry I would hurt a child at no fault of my own. Watch out guys, I am a ladies man. I love the ladies and they love me, I mean look at me! My foster mom tells me how gorgeous I am every day. If you have a man if your life I will love them too but I fall in love with the ladies first. I mean you can understand, I am a boy. Currently, I live with my foster mom and her 3 goldens. Other dogs frequent our home as well and I get along with everyone. Again, I am big so playing with dogs my own size is best for me. There are little dogs that visit us but they tend to be a bit timid of me as I try to play with them but I guess they think I am big. There is also a house cat here but he is use to dogs being around all the time I would suggest I don’t go with a cat cause if they are not use to me I would probably scare them as I like to lick and mouth them. Any cat not use to dogs would be scared I was going to eat them. I would really love to get into a forever family that suits my needs and I promise I will love you whole heartedly. If you are the family that thinks they would love to put time into me, love me and Groom me please fill out the app for me. Loads of kisses and slobbers. Whiskey Jack

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Iggy is a large, male English Bulldog and American Bulldog Mix. Iggy is available for adoption from the Antigonish SPCA. Please CLICK HERE for more information about Iggy.

Iggy is an 8 year old English/American Bulldog. Iggy weighs approximately 73 pounds. But don’t let him size or sour mug fool you. Iggy is a real charmer. He loves people and is very friendly and outgoing. He can be comical at times! His whole body shakes when he’s wagging his tale. Iggy has some food allergies which include chicken, turkey, shellfish and peanut butter!! He loves lamb and rice so no worries! Due to a hip operation in 2008, Iggy can only go for short walks each day. He does love his walks and is very good on the leash. He’s never lived with another dog or cat so he’d like to be your super star and be your only baby! Iggy’s adoption fee is $260.00.