Buddy is a mid sized senior poodle mix who is available for adoption from the Lunenburg SPCA.    For more information about adopting this sweet boy, please CLICK HERE

Buddy is an 11 year-old friendly dog who needs a caring home where he can be one of the family. He is a mixed breed, but primarily poodle.








Sadie is a mid sized spayed female  adult terrier lab mix .   ( DOB June 20/13 )

I am a very friendly girl who is quite active. I would benefit from some obedience training to learn to stop jumping and not to play so rough. I have not shown aggression but the fact that I do play rough and jump means I might be best suited in a home without small children. I am kennel trained, and sleep in a kennel when no one is home. I am used to kitties, and dogs as well! Sadie does not enjoy being groomed and may need to go to the vets for nail trimmings.

Sadie is available for adoption from the Lillian Albon Shelter.   For more information about this beautiful girl. please CLICK HERE

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Sophie is a large, adult, female short haired domestic cat who is available for adoption from the Lillian Albon Shelter.     Please CLICK HERE for more information about adopting this beautiful cat.

My name is Sophie Domestic Short Hair Spayed Female DOB- Nov 16/08 I am a very friendly girl with a very cute bobtail! I love to be petted, and picked up. I am estimated to be about 7 years old, but could be a little older or a little younger.






Jax is a young, large, male Labrador Retriever who is available for adoption from Labrador Rescue of Nova Scoita.     Please CLICK HERE for more information about adopting this lovely fellow.

Hi there, I’m Jax. My foster mom says I act like I’m about 1 yrs old (we think I’m around 5). I am very busy and love to go on hikes in the woods. I’d probably enjoy jogging too if you want to teach me. I would love to find an active family that’s not afraid of a challenge. I am doing loads of work trying to learn some manners, and I know the perfect home will be able to polish off those skills. I need some work on not jumping so a home with small children may not be best as I’ll probably scare them just by trying to show them some love, but I do love kids, they are so much fun. I have a foster kid that’s 11 and she throws the ball for me almost everyday, she’s awesome, I love to play fetch. I love toys, lots and lots of toys, my favorites are ones that squeak. It’s so much fun just to run and squeak a toy. I also like to bring you thinks, like your slippers, gloves, hats…….and sometimes toys. I go on a group dog hike twice a week. I love running with other dogs. I like cats too, sometimes I like to chase them but I’m not mean. There are 2 cats here and one teases me. If you think you have the energy to keep up with me and put in the time to train me I’d love to meet you.




Phoenix is a lovely petite little tabby girl, recently rescued from the cold. She is affectionate, passive and shy and would fare best in a calm environment(she would make an ideal apartment kitty). She gets along extremely well with other cats and is quiet and clean . The vet put her age at 1 year. She tested negative for feline leukemia, has been treated for parasites, vaccinated and spayed.

Please let us know if you can provide this gentle, grateful young lady with her forever home.

Thank you.



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This handsome young gent is yet another statistic abandoned at an apartment complex. Charles is affectionate, talkative and playful and gets along well with other cats. The vet put his age at approx 1.5 to 3 years. He tested negative for feline leukemia, has been treated for parasites, vaccinated and neutered.
Here are some updates from his Foster Mom:

“Charles is doing well- bit of a hellion- very clean & affectionate. He’s safe with me until a great home opens up. He was grooming GG last night so there seems to be a relationship of sorts.”
“He is addicted to wet food, catnip and sheepskin rugs. Charles is very clean- Lots to say & seems to be attempting to engage GG in some play.”
“He was happy to get back here and had a bunch of stories to tell. Seems to be a bit of a night owl & has a thing for closets: very clean & personable.”

Please let us know if you are able to provide this endearing young prince with his forever home.

Thank you.

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Cruz was recently dumped at a feeding station in painfully frigid temperatures. He’s a docile guy who gets along well with other cats. The vet put his age at 1yr. He tested negative for feline leukemia, has been treated for parasites, vaccinated and neutered (he was a cryptorchid – one testicle hadn’t descended and had to be removed from his groin-therefore had 2 surgical incisions and had to sport a fashionable cone while the incisions healed). He’s now healed up and hairing over and seeking a home.

Please let us know if you can provide this handsome little boy with his new home.

Thank you.



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This beautiful young lad is one of several trapped and neutered in a feral colony. Merlot is housed in a large dog kennel and has responded well to brushing and petting and playing with toys – however, requires more time in confined quarters with daily human socialization – socialized cats would improve the process – as he is consoled by the company of other felines.

The vet put him at only 6 months old. He tested negative for feline leukemia, was treated for parasites, vaccinated, neutered and ear notched(on the assumption he was to be returned to his colony site).

If you think you have time and patience to help socialize this little guy, please let us know.

Thank you.





This mellow fellow will no longer be leaving paw prints in the snow. Arnold is a most affectionate, kind soul who immediately displayed his gratitude for an indoor environment. He is a gregarious boy who loves to be loved and travels very well in the car to boot! The vet puts his age at 1 year and mentioned he has a very healthy set of teeth! He tested negative for feline leukemia, was treated for parasites, vaccinated and neutered.

Won’t you consider providing this handsome young gentleman with his forever indoor home?

Thank you!



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How to Find a Reputable and Responsible Rescue


Webmaster note:   I wrote this post last spring for my personal blog, and still think that its the best summary I have done to help potential adopters find a reputable rescue.

It is no secret that I love to garden! What is not to love? It is a creative hobby that adds beauty to my yard! I get lots of fresh air and exercise doing something that I love! Best of all of course is that in my own small way, I have been creating a friendly environment for the local birds, wildlife and even the bees!

So one would imagine that I am out and about skulking the seasonal garden center sales, eh? Actually not! Why? Well THAT answer is simple! Setting aside the simple fact that there is no way to tell where those plants come from and what chemicals have been used on them …. experience has taught me shop local!

Why? Our local nurseries generally only sell stock that will actually thrive in our particular climate! More importantly, their employees bring a wealth of hands on experience to the advice they can offer! Really , it is almost frosting on the cake that shopping local is just good for the community!

This is also a popular time of year to get a pet! All that nice weather makes folks more fond of the idea of dog walking! Of puppy training!

Happily pet adoption is becoming a more popular choice! Of course the flip side of that is that there will always be some folks eager to capitalize on any trend!

So how is a first time pet adopter to choose? The same way they would choose anything else … by doing their homework! How can they do that?

1. Ask , ask , ask ! Ask the local vet clinics who they would recommend! Ask friends and neighbours and coworkers! And last but definitely not least, ask the positive dog trainers for recommendations!

2. Be social network savvy! It is the rare group that does not have an open Facebook page these days! There should be a LOT of valuable information there …. including available adoptables, upcoming events where folks can meet them and successful happy tails. It should also provide a sense of how the group ‘does business’ ! If pets with unknown histories are coming in and out the door without being assessed, folks should run .. not walk to the next rescue on the short list!

3, Do a little digging! Anyone living in Nova Scotia can search the Joint Stock Registries to find out about non-profit and profit groups. Bear in mind that will only tell you if the group is registered and that the only screening done for this process is that the paperwork is in order! Folks can also check the CRA database for charities which are CRA registered. It is important to note that obtaining CRA status is a long process and that new groups should not be discounted because they do not have it.

But, here in the real world ….. most people fall in love with the pet first! Something about the cute face … or the quirky ears … or the adorable underbite … moves their heart to say ‘this is the one for us’!

Still, there are some questions that should be asked of the rescue or shelter before jumping in head first!

  • Will the rescue guarantee that they will definitely take this pet back into care if the adoption is NOT a success? This is such a critical one that I have actually stopped listing any rescues that will not immediately take any of their adoptables back on the homeless pet site! Why? Because here in the real world, no matter how carefully one screens, adopters may not be as confident and experienced as the foster moms and shelter workers were! The adopter’s cats may not be as dog savvy as the foster’s were! For any one of a myriad of reasons that have nothing to do with the pet or the person, sometimes things are just not a good fit! At the end of the day, refusing to take a pet back right away risks both the life of the pet and the reputation of all rescues, eh?
  • What training methods are used by the rescue? If there is any evidence of shock collar training … run do not walk to the next rescue on your list! Negative reinforcement inspires fear based behaviour that can pose a risk for family, neighbours and other pets!
  • Is there an evaluation period? How do they assess pets? While there are occasions where owned and well cared for pets can move smoothly from their old life to their new home, that is the exception rather than the rule! The assessment period also protects adopters by providing the time needed to properly medically assess the pet so there are no Unhappy surprises waiting for the adopter!
  • Is there an application form? Will one have to provide references AND a vet reference? Will there be a home visit before the adoption? Is support available after? If not .. run do not walk to the next rescue on your list!

Things not to worry about …..

  • there was a time when every rescue had a Petfinder account! These days, many rescues are finding that their Facebook pages yield better results … without the recurring technical glitches that Petfinder has been experiencing since it was sold to Purina last year.
  • CRA status only matters if you need tax receipts for any donations. Please remember that adoption fees are not normally considered donations and as such would not be tax-deductible.
  • Any thirteen year old can build a fancy website! Web sites are only important if they are full of useful information that includes many Happy Tails, adoption and surrender applications, adoption and surrender fees. etc … Be very leery of any website that is long on asking donations and short on specifics!

And don’t be offended if …. you did not get approved for this pet! There is a reason reputable rescues screen properly, eh? This way the adorable ‘opera singer’ with separation anxiety does not wind up briefly living in an apartment! Couch potatoes need to be paired up, eh? The bottom line is that experienced rescues know that any relationship takes work … but they still needs some common ground to start with!

What time is it? It is always time to applaud the folks who want to adopt a pet! But it is always, always time for adopters to do a little homework, so they can really put their heart into adopting a pet!

Luck is a matter of preparation meeting opportunity. Oprah Winfrey