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One Cat at a Time

"You will always be lucky if you know how to make friends with strange cats." - Colonial proverb

There are so very many homeless cats in Nova Scotia.  Rescues around the province are full to bursting.   Hardworking Trap Neuter Return groups do their part.  It often doesn't end well for the ones that get picked up by Animal Control

Luckily for the cats, there are some kindhearted individuals who do not turn their backs on cats in need of help.  These good people get the strays tested, vetted, vaccinated and spayed or neutered.  They are usually already 'full up' themselves from previous strays.  Still, these compassionate folks somehow find homes for the kitties, one cat at a time.

What One Person Can Do:

There are 950,000 people who now call Nova Scotia home.  If even 1% of them were to rescue one cat, that would be over NINE THOUSAND homeless kitties saved.

Why each cat makes a difference: